The Great In The Small and The Small In The Great

2012     mixed media      14′ x 25′ x 13′

Audio components for the piece:

Universe (bedroom)

Sun (kitchen)

Water and Wind (bathroom)

Wind and Water (bathroom)

We awake every morning to perform a type of ritual in order to prepare for the day. Our environment has amenities in place to activate and satisfy our basic necessities: to wake, to expel and to consume. These symbolic moments we engage in within our homes can be compared to the natural environments that have influenced the associated forms within a variety of creation myths. Our morning routine is something that we participate in and act recurrently everyday. In a way, there is as much power in an individual making their daily decisions as there is in the creation of the Universe. How we choose to use that power is often decided… in the beginning… of each day.

The work “The Great In The Small and The Small In The Great” is an installation consisting of three rooms: a bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom. Within these spaces are a mixture of paper mache elements and conventional objects that have been altered to create new associations and identities of the rooms and the elements normally contained within them.  Through this experience the aim is to have an individual renegotiating their own standing personally and in the world. This work and my research has led me to investigate the importance of myth in peoples’ lives, how language is used in a variety of formats, how other artists and individuals have explored aspects that I am indebted to, the choice of installation as a mode of display, and the tasks that we take on as being a part of this Earth.